Electrothermal high frequency capacitors

The company PP Thermolit Plus sells TERMOLIT-PLUS power electrothermal capacitors. They are designed and manufactured since 2011, using the most advanced materials, according to the latest technologies and meet all the requirements of international standards for electrothermal capacitors.

In the manufacture, capacitors brand TERMOLIT PLUS, high demands are placed on the process equipment and dielectric materials used. A dielectric film is used, the filler is environmentally friendly biodegradable fluids that have replaced sovol.

At all stages of production, ionizing contaminants that may have a decisive influence on the dielectric qualities of the insulation and the technical characteristics of the capacitors are excluded from entering the capacitor sections. In the design of our capacitors, a temperature sensor is built in, which signals or relieves voltage when the temperature rises above 60C ?.

Advantages of Thermolit Plus condensers:

  • Own production;
  • Range and low prices;
  • Product warranty;
  • Built-in temperature sensor;
  • Constant availability of stock capacitors from 1000 to 8000 Hz.

Capacitor application

Power electrothermal capacitors, used in installations of alternating current, in circuits with inverters, and are intended for tuning oscillatory circuits of induction melting furnaces and high-frequency installations of electrothermal type. As an increase in power and heat dissipation, capacitors used at frequencies from 500 Hz to 66,000 Hz are made water-cooled.

Technical characteristics of the condensers:

№ п/п Name Voltage kV KHz frequency Power kVar Capacity microfarad.
1 T-P 0,8-1000-1S 0,8 1,0 1000 41,5*6 = 249
2 T-P 0,8–1287–1S 0,8 1,0 1287 53,3*6 = 320
3 T-P 0,8–2000–1S 0,8 1,0 2000 49,7*10 = 497
4 T-P 1,0-2515-1S 1,0 1,0 2515 40*10 = 400
5 T-P 0.8-1100-2,4S 0,8 2,4 1100 19*6 = 114
6 T-P 1,0–1000–2,4S 1,0 2,4 1000 11,1*6 = 67
7 T-P 0,8–550–4S 0,8 4,0 550 8,55*4 = 35
8 T-P 0,8–805–8S 0,8 8,0 805 6,25*4 = 25


Capacitor operating conditions:

The installation of capacitors is made in those places that will not be affected by shaking and shocks, on the insulating supports, having taken the vertical position with all leads upwards; between the bases of the capacitors, a distance of 30 millimeters is observed. In turn, capacitors with voltages up to 1000 volts are connected without special selection in capacity, not more than two.

Capacitors that are connected in series must be insulated and be insulated from each other. To reduce the temperature of the electrical terminals to the common bus connects each of them separately.

When connecting capacitors to common buses and connecting the leads, we recommend using a flexible conductor to prevent damage to the soldering of the fittings and insulators. To avoid overheating of the capacitor, it is necessary to check the heat dissipation in the wires and tires.

In order to reduce heat applied water cooling tires and wires. Ambient temperature from + 5 to + 45 ° С. The value of relative air humidity is 95% at a temperature of 20 ° C.

To control the temperature mode of a working condenser, flow sensors and coolant temperature sensors must be installed, disconnecting the condenser in the event of a decrease in water flow and exceeding the permissible temperature. Non-explosive environment that does not contain aggressive gases, reducing the parameters even within the limits of unacceptable.