SAT Resistance Melting Furnace

SAT resistance melting furnaces are used for melting low-melting non-ferrous metals and their alloys such as: tin, aluminum, zinc, lead, copper and TsAM (zinc-aluminum-copper) alloys with a melting temperature of 400-500 ° C. Aluminum melts at a temperature of 1000 ° C, the melting temperature of copper reaches 1250 ° C.

Decoding marking: SAT – SH.DV / T where:

  • С –– resistance;
  • A – aluminum and its alloys;
  • O – tin, lead, babbitt;
  • C is lead;
  • M – copper and its alloys;
  • Zam – zinc, aluminum, copper;
  • T – crucible;
  • T – nominal temperature in hundreds of ° C

By design, we produce resistance melting furnaces: chamber (bath) and crucible electric furnaces; stationary and rotary resistance furnaces.

Crucible melting furnace of SAT type

Structurally, the electric furnace is made of steel welded construction, the lining is made of high-performance fiber refractories.

The design of the furnace uses energy-efficient materials;

  • Ceramic fiber blocks;
  • Fireproof fibrous materials.

The use of new types of refractory materials, reduces the time required for the melt and energy consumption per kilogram of molten metal, improves energy efficiency. Inside the chamber is a crucible. The most commonly used metal or graphite crucibles, which are coated with a coating preventing the contamination of the molten metal, and can increase the service life of the crucible.

The design of the melting furnace CAT

Crucible melting electric furnaces of the SAT type are equipped with a slope, which allows to simplify the process of pouring metal into molds. The design of the furnace involves a convenient replacement of the crucible and heaters. Rotation of the melting unit is carried out at the expense of hydraulic cylinders. For temperature control, a thermoconverter is provided, the control with indication is placed on the front panel of the control cabinet. The furnace cooling system is air, water is not used.

The standard set of melting furnace SAT supplies include:

* – complete set at the request of the customer

Name Quantity, pcs.
1 SAT melting unit (SST) assembled;

– with hydraulic cylinders

– with crucible *

– lined furnace lid *

2 ShU control and alarm cabinet 1
3 Oil head installation 1
4 Exhaust probe * 1
Set of operational documentation 1

An assembly drawing of the melting unit will be provided for approval. Delivery of the crucible in the kit is possible after coordination of the design.

Electric furnace SAT 0.3 – 0.16 – 0.07, 0.15 – 0.25 – 0.2 – 250

Chamber (bath) melting furnace SAT resistance is much larger in volume of the metal being melted. The use of bath furnaces due to technological need. The bath is made of special high-temperature refractory concrete. To protect against splashing of molten metal, heaters are hidden in ceramic tubes. For the convenience of pouring molten metal, the bath is equipped with a mechanical tilt.

Due to the various design features of smelting resistance furnaces, it offers its own technological developments to ensure the most efficient operation of the equipment. PP Thermolit Plus offers a technical and constructive solution for your technical assignment.

All equipment is tested with a certificate of quality and warranty.