Induction crucible furnaces IST

Induction crucible furnace IST – mainly used to melt cast iron by overheating, use the current of medium frequency. IST induction furnaces are widely used in metallurgy, foundries and workshops for repairing the engineering industry.

Induction furnace IST

The induction melting furnace IST is used to produce high-quality castings from various types of alloyed and heat-resistant steels, alloyed and complex in chemical composition cast irons.

EAST furnaces are practically universal, they can also melt non-ferrous metals. For melting non-ferrous metals and their alloys, graphite-containing crucibles or of heat-resistant concrete are used.

In some cases, use of printed quartzite mass. The most suitable mode for work is three-shift.
The EAST electric furnace is performed in climatic type UHL 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Electric furnaces such as IST are aimed at use in such conditions.

  • The IST Melting Furnace must be installed within 1000 meters above sea level;
  • Temperature environment EAST of the furnace fluctuates + 5 + 45 ° С;
  • The environment is inexplosive, categorically should not contain gases of aggressors and other impurities dangerous to it;
  • Avoid the formation of sediment in the water-type cooling system. Do not use impurities;
  • The temperature indicators of the water used to cool the oven should strictly be the same temperature as the ambient air in the room. The maximum difference is 15 ° C below the ambient temperature (to avoid dew);
  • Concentration of vapor and dust – must be subject to the conditions of GOST 2.1.005-88;
  • Take into account the importance of this item! In places where the ICT melting furnace will be installed, there should be no vibration at all and, all the more, there should be no shocks or collisions.

EAST furnace characteristics table

Options IST- 0,06 IST- 0,16 IST- 0,25 IST- 0,4
Rated capacity, t 0,06 0,16 0,25 0,4
Metal overheating temperature, С˚ 1550
Power ТПЧ, kW 100 160 250 320
Rated voltage, V 800 800 800 800
Nominal frequency, Hz 2 400 1 000
Metal melting rate, t / h 0,1 0,2 0,25 0,42

The actual performance of the Induction Furnace IST

To determine the actual performance of the ICT Induction Furnace, the consumer must take into account the time spent on the introduction of alloying additives, refining, metal drainage, as well as the technology of melting, the type of charge and the method of its loading, and other necessary technological operations.