Photo Inductors for Electric Melting Furnaces

Inductor photo. An inductor is a key element of an induction melting furnace, since it is it that creates the electromagnetic field necessary to heat and melt the metal. In addition to the basic purpose, it has one design feature – it perceives the load from the crucible, determining the stability of the operation of the furnace as a whole.

Inductor photo oven IChT-2.5

Inductor photo oven IChT-2.5 photo inductors icht


Basket of induction furnace IST-1,0 with inductor

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Inductor photo oven ICT 31-7

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Inductor furnace ICT – 6.0

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Inductor photo oven ILT – 10

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Inductor photo oven ILT 1.0 3 pieces

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Photo inductor vacuum furnace

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Inductor photo oven EGES 650 kg

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Silver Inductor Melting Furnace

Silver Inductor Melting Furnace


Inductors installation Thermotool CFI

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Inductors of melting furnaces ICT, ITP

Inductor ICT 2,5 inductor ITP 0,4 ICT inductor 6.0 / 2.5 small inductor ITP inductor


combined inductor

Inductor photo “Induktoterm” – 20t

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Channel furnace coil

channel furnace coil


Inductor photo heating and hardening installations

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Melting insert assembled ICT 6.0 furnace

ICT 6.0 inductor - melting insert assembly

Technical features of the inductor for the furnace
* The inductor is simultaneously affected by several factors of different nature;

* Inductor photo, periodically subjected to vibration, which can cause insulation problems;

* The lining of the crucible gives an axial and radial force, which periodically shifts the turns of the inductor;

* Mechanical pressure on the bend, which is formed when the furnace is tilted or when the heated billet is moved, in rare cases it will thin and deform the induction winding.

When working, it is extremely important to properly organize the inductor cooling to prevent damage to the winding and the possibility of insulation breakdown, which burns through the inductor tube, creating an emergency situation, causing force majeure.

Inductor photo – benefits
* Stiffness, strength;

* Competent coolant consumption;

* Maximum durable winding insulation;

* Minimal or minor loss of electricity;

* High concentration of electromagnetic field inside inductor

Furnace inductor design
A typical inductor is a solenoid, the winding of which is spiral, with a constant inclination, which determines the step of packing (spiral). It can also be a coil with horizontal turns, where the transitions between adjacent revolutions are indicated by short sections of slope (transposition).

Due to the high current and thermal loads of the inductor, it is necessary to ensure proper efficient cooling. In the manufacture of inductors it is necessary to follow generally accepted rules and regulations.

Inductor manufacturing rules
* Mechanical rigidity of the structure;

* Easy to maintain and repair;

* Material for manufacturing – M1 grade copper or equivalent;

* Welding with copper alloy, the absence of brass rations on the entire length of the conductor.

Copper pipes for the manufacture of inductors have different profile sections
* Equilateral rectangular;

* Differ;

* Round;

* Special.

The optimum is a rectangular section of the pipe, in the manufacture of an inductor from a rectangular pipe, the maximum density of the electromagnetic field and the uniform heating are achieved.

Features of work with us
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