Calculation and production of any inductors
Calculation of inductors (how to calculate the inductor)

The inductor is a construction of a copper pipe or bus, which was bent according to the calculations made to achieve the required inductance and magnetic flux density in the heater. The efficiency and efficiency of the oscillating circuit will depend on the accuracy of the calculations made. Before you make an inductor, it is necessary to calculate the quality factor of the oscillating circuit, by determining the inductance and the selection of capacitance.


Calculation of inductors for smelting metal

The calculation of inductors for melting metal is different from heating the blanks. Depending on the temperature of the metal, the magnetic properties of the induction heater change. We calculate inductor for different configurations and geometries of induction heaters: round, rectangular, square, slit, and even the Archimedean spiral.

(how to calculate the inductor)By type of winding there are two types: spiral and transposition. In the bulk one-layer, but there are exceptions. To increase the magnetic flux density, make a two-layer. When designing induction coils for the task, a copper pipe of a special profile and cross section is calculated. In addition to calculating the required copper pipe profile, electrical insulation materials are calculated. The use of poor-quality insulating, mechanical materials, will lead to the failure of the product, and as a result of the accident equipment.

Our specialists have extensive experience in calculating inductors for melting and heating, all we need to do the calculation is to fill out our questionnaire and correctly formulate the task.

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