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An inductor is a part of a melting furnace; it is responsible for creating a clear working magnetic flux. Cylindrical inductors for smelting furnaces are commonly used in smelting furnaces. Often, the fabrication takes place from a cooled copper tube of rectangular section or round.

The inductor is usually made of copper shaped tube, which reduces the amount between the gap of the inductor and the molten metal. This contributes to an increase in electrical efficiency several times. It is made of copper pipe brand M1. It provides such requirements:

  • Electricity losses are minimal;
  • The passage of the estimated amount of cooling water;
  • The estimated number of turns arranged along the length of the inductor.

In melting crucible furnaces, there are two constructive types: with fastening of coils with studs and coupling. Inductors in most cases are made multi-turn, and the need for an insulating gap between the turns leads to the fact that the actual current density in the inductor turns out to be slightly higher than the calculated one (since sections of the insulating gaps are excluded from the total cross section of the inductor) and as a result, the multi-turn inductor will not have losses equal losses in a solid cylinder.

On large furnaces with a capacity of more than 1000 kg of steel or cast iron, open and water-cooled coils are located above and below the inductor coil, which do not have electrical power and serve as shielding of the furnace frame and for cooling the upper and lower parts of the crucible. We produce inductors in a specially equipped workshop using technological equipment developed by our specialists, modern machines and welding machines.

PP Thermolit Plus LLC produces electrical design, develops and manufactures inductors of any complexity and various modifications, including for specific technologies and taking into account the characteristics of production. Many years of experience allows the specialists of our company to correctly determine the shape and parameters of the manufactured product, optimally suitable for a specific task. In stock in our company warehouse, there are standard inductors for ITPE furnaces, and also we are ready to manufacture any inductors for induction melting furnaces of imported or domestic production of any brands of IChT, ILT, ITPE, IST, etc. under the order. General information: Material manufacturing inductors: copper M1, we produce inductors for a mass of melting from 10 kg. up to 31 tons.

In addition to the manufacture of inductors for smelting furnaces, we are engaged in the repair of furnace inductors. For the history of our company, we had to repair the smallest inductor with a capacity of 3 kg. for smelting silver poured into concrete, and the largest inductor of a smelting furnace with a capacity of 31,000 kg steel. Send your application by email. email: or call the numbers: +380952229023 or +380967839540 (Viber, WhatsApp) We work throughout Ukraine and with all countries of Europe and the CIS!