Inductors heating and hardening installations

Inductors heating and hardening installations. The widespread use of induction heating for various types of heat treatment of products requires not simple methods of designing special high-frequency equipment. Such equipment, first of all, includes inductors that serve to concentrate the alternating electromagnetic field in heated zones.

PP Thermolit Plus LLC calculates, manufactures inducers for heating and hardening installations, as well as induction hardening installations themselves. Induction heating of the metal occurs in the inductor, which is one of the main elements of the high-frequency installation, largely determining the efficiency of the installation and the shape of the hardened layer. The form of inductors in the field of induction heating and melting are very diverse. They can be cylindrical, flat, rectangular, slit-like, loopback, shaped, and other very complex configurations.

Types of heating inductors and their application

In melting furnaces cylindrical inductor are used, all other types of inductors are used in heating and quenching plants. The inductor is the main part of the inductor, the design of the inductor largely determines the result of heating and quenching.

Inductors are divided into two groups: inductors for quenching at medium frequencies up to 10 kHz and inductors for quenching at high frequencies from 10 to 440 kHz. The inductor is a coil of copper tubes of circular or rectangular cross-section. It is necessary that the wall thickness of the tube be greater than the depth of current penetration into copper. For an inductor cooled by water during the entire period of operation, the wall thickness is 1.5 … 2 mm.

During sprayed hardening, when water enters the tubes only at the moment of cooling, the wall thickness of the active part of the inductor is 4 … 6 mm; the inductor in this case is made of cast or welded from individual sheets. To avoid the closure of the coils of the inductor, they are isolated with glass tape or micanite tape soaked in liquid glass. The inductor itself is lined with special high-temperature concrete. When installing the part in the inductor it is necessary to observe the uniformity of the gap. It is not allowed to touch the part and the inductor when heated.

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