Burning stones manufacture, production, installation, GOST

The burner stone is a special multi-component element of the refractory display of the furnaces, as well as other heating devices in which they are installed (burners). Burning stones are used in thermal units of various kinds of industries.

Its primary purpose is to create a highly stable, durable thermal insulation from the super high temperature, destructive action of the flame, the required angle of opening of the torch.

We offer: the best price, making a burner stone of any complexity.

Burner stones for burners – the benefits of concrete from bricks

    • Providing thermal insulation from the super high temperature torch;
    • Ensuring the required opening angle of the torch torch;
    • Reducing the time required for special installation of the lining of thermal devices;
    • Increasing the period of use of the lining of thermal units, due to the use of special super-heat-resistant materials;
    • Improving the efficiency of fuel combustion, increasing the efficiency of fuel combustion;
    • Minimization of emissions into the atmosphere, harmful substances.

Stones burner GOST

Burning gost stones are made from specialized high-temperature, heat-resistant, refractory concretes, using the vibro-molding method in accordance with GOST 22442-77. Production on all possible types of burners, boilers, as well as other thermal devices. The method of vibroforming guarantees a consistently high accuracy of geometrical quantities and the quality of the product. Due to the use in the manufacture of burner stones, specialized, refractory, heat-resistant materials, increases their service life. Shielding, thermal effects of the burner significantly increases the strength of the lining of thermal units.

We offer: production and installation of burner stones, according to the drawings and sketches of the customer, of any complexity, for different temperature conditions.

Where to buy burner stone?

Burning stone can be bought by contacting us at the specified phone numbers or sending us a message by clicking on the “make a request” button. We have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of various kinds of components for various kinds of industry.

See also photos of manufactured products and components for them.

Why is it better to buy burner stones from Thermolite Plus?

Our enterprise “Termolit Plus” manufactures any types of burners to order. We make both Soviet types of burner stones and foreign ones:

Burning stones GNP

  • Burning stone GNP 1;
  • Burner stone GNP 2;
  • Burning stone GNP 3;
  • Burning stone GNP 4;
  • Burner stone GNP 5;
  • Burning stone GNP 6;
  • Burner stone GNP 7;
  • Burning stone GNP 8;
  • Burning stone GNP 9.

Burner stones of other types

  • Burning stones VP, IU, H, B;
  • Burning stones GKI, GP, GGR, GUZH, GDK;
  • Burning stones ShBV – 51A, MLS – 62;
  • Burning stones GIP;
  • Burning stones VGVI – 70;
  • Burning stones HBG;
  • Burning stones GGV;
  • Stones burner IKK;
  • Burning stones HMG;
  • Burning stones RGMG.

If there is no burner stone marking in the list you need, you can contact us to clarify the information you need. Our consultation is absolutely free.

Foreign burning stones

We make analogues of foreign burner stones according to the drawings, layouts, structure and temperature indicators. Reproduce analogues of such famous brands as:

  • Riello;
  • ESA-Pyronics;
  • UNIGA;
  • CIB;
  • OILON;

Burning stones drawings

We make a burner stone according to the drawings of your own developments. We will provide our ready-made developments; in the case of non-standard solutions, our company employs professional design engineers with extensive experience. Which will develop the necessary drawings in all requirements within the specified period.

Burning stones drawings of our developments


Burning stones at stoves

In each furnace / heat unit there is a zone as exposed to heating in a certain place. This is usually the place where the burner itself is located. The temperature in such places may exceed 1500 degrees. To prevent overheating and, as a result, deformation, it is necessary to isolate the zone with the highest temperature indices. Insulation, you guessed it, is made with the help of burner stone by lining the furnace.

The main role is to prevent the destruction of the furnace design itself, acting as a heat insulator, protecting equipment from severe burner overheating. The use of conventional brick, with time grafted to burnout and deformation of the furnace, which ultimately has a deplorable effect on the performance of the equipment.

HMG and GM burner stones

The use and development of gas-oil burners HMG, which are intended for the following types of boilers: KE, DKVR and DE.

Boiler Type of burner Diameter Dimensions
ДКВР 2,5 ГМГ 1,5 250 700х650х270
ДКВР 4 ГМГ 2 270
ДКВР 6,5 ГМГ 4 380  


ДКВР10 ГМГ 4 380
ДКВР 20 ГМГ 5,5/7 430
ДКВР 20 ГМГ 5,6 345 830х830х27
ДЕ 4 ГМ 2,5 354  


ДЕ 6,5 ГМ 4,5 399
ДЕ 10 ГМ 7 450
ДЕ 16 ГМ 10 450
ДЕ 25 ГМГ 16 450 1510х830х550
КЕ 6,5 ГМ 2,5 354  


КЕ 25 ГМ 4,5 399
КЕ 10 ГМ 10 450

The benefits of working with us

We work with all countries of the CIS and abroad (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia and others). Working with us, you will feel the following benefits:

  1. Application for the production of specialized, high-temperature, heat-resistant, refractory concretes;
  2. Selection of raw materials for the manufacture of burner stones for the environment of use of products and temperature conditions;
  3. The possibility of producing non-serial products and small quantities of goods;
  4. Inexpensive equipment for the production of burners;
  5. Long service cycle;
  6. Short deadlines for production;
  7. Warranty on manufactured products.