Refractory plates and fittings

Refractory plates and fittings in a variety of technological processes occurring in the metallurgy, construction, chemical and municipal industries, to protect against high temperatures in mechanically and chemically aggressive conditions, use special concrete blocks and structures.

refractory concrete blocks shaped products

To solve these specific tasks, special concrete mixes have been developed and are produced, from which various shaped products are made. They, in turn, are intended:

  • thermal insulation of equipment and units;
  • as burners and nozzles of gas furnaces;
  • as a chemically resistant lining;
  • use in the technological chain of processing of liquid metal (ladle, crucible, chute);
  • use in nodes with high thermal and mechanical loads;
  • as the bearing design of metallurgical furnaces;
  • manufacturing of high-temperature passages and pipelines;
  • protection from ultra-high temperatures of structures and metals;
  • use as crucibles and working space for melting non-ferrous metals.

Drawings burners, plates, other shaped products

From the proper selection of refractory concrete in the manufacture of gas burners, will depend on the efficiency and service life of furnaces, trouble-free operation and the magnitude of the intervals between repairs. For example, a gas burner will double the life of the furnace lining.

refractory materials, fittings

It is very important to use high-quality refractory arches, plates, pods in the construction of smelting furnaces. The destruction of the arch of the arc furnace or the carrier plate of an induction furnace can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Partners and Clients

Our company will manufacture to order a variety of shape and scope of concrete, vibroformed and heat-treated components and fittings.
Designers “Termolit Plus”, according to the technical task, design a 3D model, develop equipment and casting technology according to a given drawing or on the model. We carry out orders for the manufacture of individual, piece products of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We invite to cooperation new partners in the organization of the mass production of components made of refractory concrete on an ongoing basis.

refractories and concrete products for stoves

Advantages of working with us – plates and shaped (fireproof) products

  • we will help in the selection of the necessary refractory material;
  • we will carry out the necessary preparation of production and we will manufacture equipment;
  • cast and heat treated at the required temperature conditions of any complexity.

Optimum properties of refractory products

The quality of refractory products is determined by the following properties:

  • wear resistance and mechanical strength under heat loads;
  • fire resistance with constant exposure to high temperatures in the cells;
  • the ability to endure cyclic thermal shocks for a long time;
  • chemical neutrality in the condition of contact with the liquid metal;
  • preservation of geometry and constancy of form in the process of heating.

top refractory slab assembly

Indicators of operating temperatures for different equipment range from 1100-1750 degrees Celsius.

  • lining of pellet boilers 1100 – 1250;
  • channel furnaces 900 – 1300;
  • burners for gas furnaces 1150 – 1300;
  • arches of arc furnaces 1200 – 1300;
  • induction furnace stoves 1100 – 1450;
  • Filling buckets 1500 – 1750.

Shaped refractories from a reliable partner

LLC Termolit Plus produces shaped refractory products, segments, plates, rings, vaults, crucibles and much more, which are based on high-quality concrete from the best manufacturers.

refractory cylinder for oil pipeline (refractory pipe)

We can make any non-standard products or linings of refractory concrete that can withstand up to 1750 degrees Celsius. Concrete with a density of 2.4 to 3.55 g / cm3 is used in production. Additionally, the composition may include polymer fibers and non-stainless non-magnetic metal for the reinforcement of the product.

We also sell dry refractory (mixtures), assist in the selection and advise customers on their proper use. There is always material in our warehouse with a maximum application temperature of 1450 degrees with and without fiber. A wide range of accessories for induction, arc and gas furnaces, as well as electric resistance furnaces.