PP Thermolit Plus LLC designs and manufactures a range of components and spare parts for induction melting furnaces, induction heating systems and thyristor frequency converters.

Components for induction furnaces

  • Control boards for TFC;
  • Thyristors for TPCH;
  • Thyristor coolers (water cooled radiators for complete thyristors);
  • Medium-and high-frequency condensers (water-cooled condensers) with foreign production.

Repair, manufacturing, design and development services

  • Development and design of induction melting furnaces, development of resistance furnaces;
  • Development and production of standard products according to customer drawings, a variety of induction heating systems according to individual customer specifications;
  • Installation supervision, commissioning and commissioning of induction equipment;
  • Warranty and post warranty maintenance of components and equipment;
  • Carrying out troubleshooting of the failed induction foundry and thermal equipment;
  • Repair of varying degrees of severity of induction foundry and thermal equipment and individual components both on the territory of LLC PP Thermolit Plus and on the territory of the customer;
  • repair of medium and high frequency capacitors.

Why buy from us

Specialists and the design department of LLC PP Thermolit Plus are always ready to offer a constructive solution and a number of components and components, to perform works that require a special technological solution. In the production of components and components of induction melting furnaces, we use high-quality materials and the latest equipment and machines.

You can buy and order components for induction melting furnaces produced by the USSR and foreign manufacturers (Eges, Ajax, Induktoterm, Indemak) by contacting the marketing department of LLC PP Thermolit Plus or by email. Address: Buying from us, you can be confident in quality, our products are valued and have no competitors in quality and price in the domestic market and abroad, in the CIS countries and Europe!