Water-cooled power cable for an electric furnace with a cross section of 240-2000 mm2 – serves as a flexible universal conductor, transmitting power supply through the contacts of the tips connected by a flexible copper conductor, with a sealed coating of a rubber-fabric sleeve, the cables have good coolant flowability and also provide an opportunity for reliable and affordable connection to the working unit electric furnaces.

Being manufactured by our company from the highest quality, advanced and reliable materials, the cable has a high load margin, which gives it an advantage during a long working cycle. We are ready to guarantee reliable operation of our products while remaining reliable suppliers of high-quality equipment for you.

  1. Cables water-cooled for induction furnaces 150-2000mm2.
  2. Cables water-cooled for arc furnaces 240-6000mm2.
  3. Air cooling cable 100-2000mm2.
  4. Types of tips.

Cable Characteristics Table

Flexible cables with copper conductors of increased flexibility (with an outer sheath of rubber-fabric sleeves) are designed to supply AC voltage to the welding jaws (in the secondary circuit) of contact welding machines and welding lines.